RazALERT Emergency Notification System

What is the RazALERT Emergency Notification System?

The University of Arkansas maintains a multi-modal communication system that sends out alerts any time hazardous conditions arise on campus. For the most part, the alert system simply notifies our campus community of closings due to icy roads or severe tornado warnings.

However, in the unlikely event of a major fire, chemical spill or violent crime, this system will be notify all of our students, faculty and staff of the event.

How does it work?

If you are a student or member of the faculty and staff of the University of Arkansas, you are automatically enrolled in our emergency notification system to receive emails. Faculty and staff will also have their office phones subscribed. You can manage your preferred methods of receiving these notifications by logging into:

Students logging into UAConnect should go to the “Personal Information” section and choose “Campus Alert Systems” from the drop-down menu. They can then designate one phone number to receive text messages. It’s recommended that students check their accounts to make sure they’ve put a text number in the system, and that the number is correct and current.

Faculty and staff can check and update their alert information through their BASIS accounts, using the “My Personal Data” section, and going to “Addresses, etc.” Faculty and staff can authorize up to three phone numbers for an inclement weather text or voice message alert.